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Adventure with Nature

When chasing the sun to warmer temperatures on vacations one can find themselves caught up in the typical beach tourist lifestyle. That usually includes staying poolside, getting a tan, and possibly reading magazines. Im too adventurous of a traveller and even when on vacation in the land of condos and beaches I found a way to escape to nature. From the condo i was at I rented a bike and rode 50km (31 miles) to Fort De Soto Park. This nature preserve consisted of rugged beaches and, as I found out, host to an assortment of magnificent shells.





My bike adventure to the park provided me with a day of non-poolside adventures and I was able to immerse myself in the natural environment that Florida has to offer.

Emerging Buds

The Sugar Maple is one of the most important trees of Canada. It is the national icon that is used on the flag and various coats of arms. The tree is also used for making maple syrup and is logged throughout Canada as a staple hardwood.

*Unidentified deciduous shrub local to Southern Ontario*

This is a photo of the flowers produced by the Serviceberry shrub. This plant flowers in spring and eventually bears fruit in the summer. Where this plant is found locally its fruits are used for jams.


This is a Tamarack tree showing new growth. The name Tamarack is the Algonquian name for the species and means “wood used for snowshoes”. The Tamarack is an interesting tree because although it is not an evergreen it has needles. Unlike other typical evergreens the tamarack changes colors by the season and losses it needles for winter. In this photo one can see the new needles forming.