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Down By the Seaside

We can all agree that beaches and blue tropical oceans provide for stunning photography opportunities. An interesting way to incorporate such a lovely scenery is by using it as a backdrop for something else. I was fortunate enough to find a starfish and I also found that writing in the sand was quite interesting too.

IMG_7662 IMG_7686 IMG_7692

Being at the beach allowed be to relfect, relax, and love life.

Summer Fun in the Sun

The Summer is here and in full presence. The heat in Southern Ontario has been quite warm and constant which leads many people seeking opportunities to escape to the cottage country. Last weekend at my cottage it was very warm too and it was a time well spent in the lake.

The Common Crayfish is native to North America and lives in fast–flowing, cool, rocky streams as well as shallow lakes, such as my own lake. I caught this little guy and pulled him ashore to take photos then released him back in the water.

Summer time in cottage country is fabulous and is a true Ontario tradition. Anyone else have any great stories about being in cottage country or camping sites?


While out fishing and staring at the setting sun I realized that nature can provide the eye with some stunning colours. I then took a look in my own garden and I recognized the vivid colours of Daylilies. Daylilies are a hybrid of the genus Hemerocallis  whose name comes from Greek meaning “beautiful day”.

These cultivar flowers come in a wide variety of colour and form as they have been hybridized many times by horticulturalists around the world. Native to Eurasia this genus is popular world wide and there are some 60,000 registered cultivars.

As the Sun Sets

This is a collection of images taken of the sun setting behind the Toronto skyline. The first image is taken at around 8:00 PM and the last shot is taken at around 9:30 PM. Sunsets happen fairly quickly but they are worth watching as the sky and the lighting becomes magical before your eyes.

Have you ever watched the sunset? What emotions do you have while watching one? Feel free to leave links to sunset images you have taken too.

Good Day Sunshine

This is a collection of shots I took about the intrigue of the Sun. I always find that the sun  is the one of the most important elements of any good photo. Lighting is always key while photographing and i believe that not enough attention is payed to the thing that provides us with the means to take photos. In fact the word photography literally means “drawing with light”.

Crepuscular rays are shown emanating from the sun’s core.

I was not quite sure how some of these shots would turn out, but after looking through about a hundred images I chose these ones as they show such beautiful colour and exquisite sun rays can be seen.

The Shores of Lake Ontario

These are all photos taken of the Lake Ontario shoreline from the Beaches neighborhood of Toronto. One could mistake these photos for beach getaway spots in southern destinations but in fact it is the shore of a very large Canadian city. Looks pretty clean to me!

All these shots were taken while on a quick bike ride and by the time i was heading home there was a lovely sunset beginning.