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Distillery District

The Distillery District is a historic and entertainment area near downtown Toronto and is North America’s largest collection of Victorian-era industrial architecture with 40 heritage buildings and 10 streets. James Worts and his brother in law William Gooderham originally built a windmill but because of its success they were inclined to open a distillery. The Gooderham and Worts Distillery was founded in 1832, and by the late 1860s was the largest distillery in the world.

Along the Old Frontier

Another legendary route to walk along in Toronto is Front Street which has many historic sites along and express some of Toronto’s heritage in the downtown core. The street marks the rough outline of the shoreline of Lake Ontario as it existed during the original English settlement of York. The current shoreline is about 800m south as much of the inner harbour was filled in the late 19th and early 20th century for industrial development. These are some of the photos I took.

This is part of the North wall of the Canadian Opera Company.

St. James Anglican Cathedral can be seen in the background.

This is shot of the old St. Lawrence Hall which was a prominent public meeting hall during its day

The iconic Gooderham Building which is more commonly known as the Flatiron Building. Overall, Front Street proved to be a worthwhile photographic opportunity and was also a great time exploring my own neighbourhood. Has any one else seen any of these sights?  Tell me what you think.

Berkeley Castle

I always enjoy experiencing the richness of my own city, Toronto, and the other day I was walking along the The Esplanade and I shot some pictures of Berkeley Castle which, although is not an actual castle, has a wonderful courtyard.


Berkeley Castle, a 144 year old building, sits on what was the edge of the Lake Ontario. During the early 1800’s infill extended the shores of Toronto south. In 1868 Joseph Simpson constructed Toronto’s first knitting factory on the site that employed 200 workers. In 1975, however, the building was condemned but due to restoration efforts it was finally restored in 1983 and is now a studio space.



The name of the building complex may come from the castle in the UK. Berkeley Castle is a castle in the town of Berkeley, Gloucestershire, UK with origins that date back to the 11th century. The castle is owned by the Berkeley family and is the oldest continuously-occupied castle in England after the royal fortresses of the Tower of London and Windsor Castle, and the oldest to be continuously owned and occupied by the same family.

Down at the Docks





This past weekend I played tourist in my own city, Toronto. I visited the Portlands which is an industrial and rcreational neighborhood located just south-east of downtown. The Port Lands are mostly abandoned from the days of heavy industry but the area along the south shore of the Port Lands has become mostly recreational with a bird sanctuary two leisure marinas and plenty of bike paths. These are some of my photos of the adventure.

The Seats of Government

Parliament Hill in Ottawa was designed by Thomas Fuller and Chilion Jones in the Victorian High Gothic style and completed in 1876 along with many of the other Parliament buildings of the area. The building was destroyed by fire on 3 February 1916 but was restored and then later in 1927 the peace Tower was completed which was dedicated to the Canadians that had lost their lives in the First World War. It is a national landmark and attracts over 3 million tourists a year.

The Ontario Legislative Building, as we now it presently, is the fourth building for the Parliament of Ontario and was officially opened on 4 April 1893 and is now the seat of the provincial government of Ontario. It was designed by Richard A. Waite in the Richardsonian Romanesque style and by its completion cost approximately CAD$1,250,000.

Toronto’s Old City Hall, located at the Corner of Queen St. and Bay St., was designed by prominent Toronto architect Edward James Lennox in the Romanesque Revival style and was completed in 1899. Now a designated National Historic Site this civil building was home to Toronto city council from 1899 to 1966. It is currently used as a court house for the Ontario Court of Justice.

This is the building where the Mayor currently presides and it was designed by Viljo Revell and completed by September of 1965. City Hall is surrounded by Nathan Philips Square which has annual festivals such as the New Year’s Celebrations and the Cavalcade of Lights. It also has a skating rink that is open to the public in the winter.

Casa Loma, Toronto

I recently visited Casa Loma, Toronto’s  Gothic Revival style castle. I had always thought that it was further afield from the city core or at least from the subway line. I then realized that it was not as far away as i had thought. I took the subway to Rosedale Station and then took about a 15 minute walk and there I was, in front of an amazing landmark to Toronto.