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Adventure with Nature

When chasing the sun to warmer temperatures on vacations one can find themselves caught up in the typical beach tourist lifestyle. That usually includes staying poolside, getting a tan, and possibly reading magazines. Im too adventurous of a traveller and even when on vacation in the land of condos and beaches I found a way to escape to nature. From the condo i was at I rented a bike and rode 50km (31 miles) to Fort De Soto Park. This nature preserve consisted of rugged beaches and, as I found out, host to an assortment of magnificent shells.





My bike adventure to the park provided me with a day of non-poolside adventures and I was able to immerse myself in the natural environment that Florida has to offer.

Sunshine State of Mind

Being a Canadian I am more than aware that the season of winter brings snow and cold temperatures. This winter I was fortunate enough to travel to St Petes Beach in Florida over the Christmas break. The transition from overcast skies to the warm weather of the “sunshine state” was lovely and I enjoyed my time.





My Little Friend


An important part of connecting with the outdoors is to learn of an area’s flora and fauna. It is critical that you know your surroundings thus have a better appreciation of the ecosystem. This summer I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time in the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario. I was also fortunate enough to have many great sightings of stunning vistas but also intriguing wildlife such as the Painted Turtle shown below.







I came across this female Painted turtle as I was out for a walk but almost passed by it because I did not recognize the shell to be that of a turlte but rather a blackish rock. But my senses kicked in and I knew for certain it was something other than a rock. To my fascination I discovered that this female was laying eggs. I was able to take some quick shots with my macro lens then I continued so not to disturb it further. Do you have any great stories about turtle spottings?

Ribbit Ribbit

The summer is about getting outdoors wherever you are and enjoying what nature has to offer you. During a work week it could be as much as walking in a park at lunch hour but when the weekend comes the adventure-seeking person inside each of us cries for the great  outdoors. Lucky this summer I had many chances to enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Ontario and I was even more fortunate to get a new macro lens. These are some of the photos I took of Green Frogs.

Summer Fun in the Sun

The Summer is here and in full presence. The heat in Southern Ontario has been quite warm and constant which leads many people seeking opportunities to escape to the cottage country. Last weekend at my cottage it was very warm too and it was a time well spent in the lake.

The Common Crayfish is native to North America and lives in fast–flowing, cool, rocky streams as well as shallow lakes, such as my own lake. I caught this little guy and pulled him ashore to take photos then released him back in the water.

Summer time in cottage country is fabulous and is a true Ontario tradition. Anyone else have any great stories about being in cottage country or camping sites?


Have you ever wondered where your food comes  from. I don’t mean what supermarket or farm it came from, but the literal sense of the word. I think it is always interesting to see the development of plants and even more so those that we eat.

Strawberries are cultivated worldwide for their sweetness, colour, and texture.

First the plant must begin to grow until it can produce flowers.

The pollen of these flowers are taken care of by pollinator insects which help the plant develop fruit.

The plant then grows fruit buds which over time and under the right conditions develop into ripe fruit.

This is the final product and attracts the eyes, nose, and taste glands of animals and humans alike.

The Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo located near the Rouge River in Scarborough is Canada’s largest zoo with 710 acres. The Zoo has over 5000 animals  representing over 491 species. It is a great tourist attraction for the Toronto area and it has close to a million visitors a year. I enjoyed it and i would recommend going there yourself if you live in Toronto or are thinking of visiting Toronto soon.

You can pay for guided camel tours in the Eurasia domain of the zoo.

The Red Pandas are usually very busy in their exhibit and they provide people with great chances to take photographs.

Hudson, the name chosen by voters, is the newest extension of the polar pear population at the Toronto Zoo. Hudson was born on October 11, 2011 and is now exploring his new exhibit.