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Skiing the Life

Here are just a few of my most favorite images of skiing this year. Sorry that it is not in line with the actual season but i had to share these photos anyways.

Swarovski on the Beach

Oh wow, look at what I found. A diamond in the rough.

Shoreline Rocks

While walking along the beach I was able to capture an image of the sun reflecting off the shoreline rocks making the colours of them so vivid. Do not be fooled by the sun as it appears warm but actually it was a very windy winter day.

Winter iced

Winter is finally here…..snowy and extremely cold.  But it makes for fabulous photos.

Festive Lights

Taken outside of my local pub on New Years Eve.

Welcome to Winter

I captured this photo while skiing in the Laurentians on a stunningly crsip and sunny morning after a deep freeze night. I shot it with my  Canon PowerShot SD880 IS. Stunning!