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Streams of Light

Photography can be a very interesting passion as it can be explored at so many levels and can be accelerated by the type of equipment and techniques used. One such technique is doing long exposure shots at night which creates stunning images of streams of light. The first tow images were done keeping the camera still and having the subjects move but the last two are images in which the subjects were still and the camera moved. Check it out.




Nighttime Bokeh

The power of the camera lays in more than just taking the candid shot that regularly the eyes would be able to see. The camera is a means to provide people with images that go beyond what the unaided eye could see. The eyes are the window to the soul so the soul must be fed beautiful sights via the eyes. This is a photographic technique called bokeh.

Bokeh is created by the lens being out of focus. In  this way, light sources are out focus and they appear to be circles of light. All of my images here were created at night, notice the black background. All one has to do to create bokeh images is find a place with many different coloured light sources and have a camera that can be manually focused. Try it out.

Light Burst

Sometimes you have to create the subject if there is nothing interesting catching your eye. This week I did some studio work with LED drawing and these are some of the results. Building off of the interest I have for the sun I figured I would try to emulate a sun with its rays.

Using manual mode is a great way to explore the power of technical photography and provides you with so many more options compared to auto mode. What do you think of the images? Have you tried this technique before?