Dolomedes on the Dock

Nature is always bountiful and in my attempts to photograph nature I run out of time. How can an entire fragile yet massive ecosystem be documented. Well, this post is about one of my many sightings. This species is the Dark Fishing Spider (Dolomedes tenebrosus) and is found in eastern North America.

Nine types of Dolomedes exist in North America and close to a 100 found elsewhere in the world. They are usually found near water and are avid swimmers in the sense that they run across water. When a ripple is detected they run  to subdue their prey (usually aquatic insects and occasionally small fish) with venom. Although this venom is harmless to humans these spiders still have the effect of intimidating and usually have a bad reputation. Have you ever encountered a Dolomedes?

About The Pal Guy

Ever since the moment I got my first camera I was bit by the “shutter-bug”. My love of nature has become a constant theme of my photography along with architecture, sights and destinations.

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  1. Great lens by the way, nice macro shots.
    Amy 😉

  2. Up close these spiders are so very detailed which the naked eye never gets to witness. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you very much. Macro photography techniques are always interesting as they deliver highly detailed an in focus images, or at least that is what I strive for.

  3. I run into them all the time while I’m kayaking or fishing, even though I try to avoid them. Ecellent photos!

  4. You take some really great landscape, as well as macro shots! What camera(s) and lens(es) do you use?

  5. Excellent shots..:-)

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