The Inner Workings

Recently I dismantled an old desktop computer and I was amazed by the intricacy of its interior. Everyone knows how powerful computers are and that more goes on behind the scenes that we know but I had never really looked into it before. Opening up the computer opened my eyes to a new micro world.

The word “computer” was first recorded in 1613 and referred to a person who carried out calculations and computations. Computers have developed over time and are now standard household items. Technology keeps evolving and changing the way we live our lives.

About The Pal Guy

Ever since the moment I got my first camera I was bit by the “shutter-bug”. My love of nature has become a constant theme of my photography along with architecture, sights and destinations.

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  1. Interesting. These photos look like they are aerial shots of a city skyline!!

  2. siriusproductionsllc

    Very nice pics there. Love the B&W.

  3. I also love to look at the interior of both computer towers and of hard drives. Never thought of photographing them though. I really like the angles of your photographs. I agree with Modmissy, motherboards do look like cityscapes. If you have a dead hard drive, they are fun to take apart as well. The interior of old hard drives almost look like an old record player, but the contrast between the shiny and the non-reflective surfaces as well as the layered look of the discs is also interesting. Thank you for liking my post, I will have to check out the rest of your blog now!

    • wow, thank you very much for your in depth commentary. This was my first time really photographing the interior of a computer. I have had a lot of fun tearing apart computers in the past as I got to see what was in them and what made them function.

  4. This is my husband’s job, they make PCB cards… for electronic equipments, so ı know this.. But I haven’t thought to take its pictures. These are so nice. Well done, Thanks and Love, nia

    • Well, next time your husband does something like this try to collect a few pieces to photograph or take photos as he does it. It is like discovering a whole new world and you are the explorer. no ship or compass but instead you have your trusty camera.

  5. I’ve always thought computer motherboards look like little cities – skyscrapers, water towers, squat buildings, power plants, roads. 🙂 I too like how you’ve chosen B&W. It looks great!

  6. I agree, I saw the photo first & thought an amazing aerial photo & then read the blog. These shots are really original. Never seen anything like it. Well done. Black & White definitely make it even better.

  7. Great pics…. the black and white makes the detail really stand out I think. Well done.

  8. Is it electronic city? Is it only me or others too?
    Great shots these are… a macro peek into these tiny things we normally dont think about… Thanks for reminding~

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