The Lion’s Tooth

Dandelion is large flowering plant found across most of the Northern Hemisphere and its common name from French, “dent-de-lion”, means “lion’s tooth”.

The yellow flower heads, called florets, open during the day and close for the night.

The flower heads eventually mature into globes and the seeds form until they are carried away by the wind or other force. The seeds easily colonize in freshly disturbed soil and have become rampant in urban areas.

Are dandelions weeds or flowers? You decide.


About The Pal Guy

Ever since the moment I got my first camera I was bit by the “shutter-bug”. My love of nature has become a constant theme of my photography along with architecture, sights and destinations.

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  1. Dandelions – weeds or flowers. Weeds in my yard, flowers in someone else’s lawn or in a meadow.

  2. You have made the dent de lion shine. More should appreciate the shear willpower of this little ‘weed’, for yes I do believe it is a weed, but a week to be lauded for it’s tenacity and ability to survive, against all odds (and most pesticides). Well done!

  3. There’s a saying, that a weed is just a plant in the wrong place. I rather like dandelions – a mass of dandelions looks beautiful. Your photos are beautiful too. Thanks for liking my blog.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog –
    Great pics. The most ‘annoying’ things such as weeds are fun to photograph!

  5. Dandelions ere flowers and your pictures of them are very nice…Agnès

  6. Great shot! Thanks for visiting

  7. very informative and great pics

  8. You’ve captured the dandelion’s sacred geometry – beautiful!

  9. Dandelions are very underrated in my opinion.

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