Urban Landscape


Here are just a few shots of my wanderings throughout a neighborhood near Toronto. I thought these photo express the mood of the urban landscape. Tell me what you think.

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  1. the black and white photography has me focus on the lines of the building, especially the fire escape stairs–gives it that “realism” quality

  2. What do you shoot on? Just wondering. The final product is fantastic regardless of
    camera- but I still like to know the techie side of things 🙂

    • I shoot with a Canon Rebel T2i with the standard 55mm kit lens. Although the technical side can be important it is more about the vision of the artist. Thanks though.

  3. Black and White is simply the way to go in urban landscapes. To me, if there is not interesting colour in the scene then it will be black and white.
    Just a question. Is the Black and white from the pictures in camera or post processing?

    Keep it going.

  4. Wow, this really shows the city…. what those who live there see day in and day out.. great in b/w…

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