Cottage Country in the Spring

Spring is here and it is that time of year again when people start preparing for the warm summer months where they take time to explore the great outdoors. Recently, I went to my cottage in the Kawarthas, Ontario to do some reno work and prepare it for the summer. I was glad to finally see that: the ice had left the lake, the snowbanks had melted, and new growth had finally stated to show itself. Although the growth is far behind that of the Toronto which is more south it was reassuring that the winter barren-lands that i had visited in the winter was finally emerging as a summer tourism hotspot.

“Kawartha” is an anglicization of the Anishinaabe word “Ka-wa-tha” which means “land of reflections”. This is because the area has many lakes that are enjoyed by cottagers, tourists, and campers.

The Kawarthas is a mixed forest region dominated by pine trees. Most trees are deciduous and of the conifers most of them are pines. The pines grow so well because of the acid soil caused by the thin amount of soil and the underlying Canadian Shield.

As spring continues and summer approaches i will be sure to post more about my adventures in cottage country.

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  1. Gotta Love the great landscapes of Ontario Cottage Country… one of the best anywhere I would say!

  2. It reminds me Sweden! 😉

  3. Larger country similar taste in whet we show the world, keep them coming

  4. And why am I not there? Someone please tell me. B-E-A-U-T-iful 🙂


  5. nice pics mate… would love to do some overnight treks in your place

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