The Seats of Government

Parliament Hill in Ottawa was designed by Thomas Fuller and Chilion Jones in the Victorian High Gothic style and completed in 1876 along with many of the other Parliament buildings of the area. The building was destroyed by fire on 3 February 1916 but was restored and then later in 1927 the peace Tower was completed which was dedicated to the Canadians that had lost their lives in the First World War. It is a national landmark and attracts over 3 million tourists a year.

The Ontario Legislative Building, as we now it presently, is the fourth building for the Parliament of Ontario and was officially opened on 4 April 1893 and is now the seat of the provincial government of Ontario. It was designed by Richard A. Waite in the Richardsonian Romanesque style and by its completion cost approximately CAD$1,250,000.

Toronto’s Old City Hall, located at the Corner of Queen St. and Bay St., was designed by prominent Toronto architect Edward James Lennox in the Romanesque Revival style and was completed in 1899. Now a designated National Historic Site this civil building was home to Toronto city council from 1899 to 1966. It is currently used as a court house for the Ontario Court of Justice.

This is the building where the Mayor currently presides and it was designed by Viljo Revell and completed by September of 1965. City Hall is surrounded by Nathan Philips Square which has annual festivals such as the New Year’s Celebrations and the Cavalcade of Lights. It also has a skating rink that is open to the public in the winter.

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  1. I’ve never been to Toronto. Looks like a beautiful city.

  2. I’m a Torontonian living in NY since 1988…I love coming back to TO and seeing these buildings. I never tire of the new City Hall’s design, and on my last visit finally went inside on business — to pick up our marriage license! Made the building much more meaningful after decades of looking at it from the outside.

  3. beautiful photos! thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  4. Amazing landscape and architecture! You captured all perfectly. Cheers! πŸ™‚

  5. Excellent photos. I really prefer photoblogs where there is some context to the pix and you have provided exactly that. Great post.

  6. Great information about the history off the various town or city halls for Toronto. I do love the current City Hall, it is just a great building just leading the eyes all around it, from the curves of the two towers and then down to the podium building.

    I remember when I visited Toronto in 2009 and going to one of the many arts at night walk event at the City Hall, it was quite an event and great to see so many people out on the streets for art.

    Thanks for the photos once again.

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