The Core of the City

The Gooderham Building, also known as the Flatiron Building” is a historic building located near the St. Lawrence Market just east of the city’s financial district. In the background you can see the CN Tower and some the different high-rise financial buildings.

The St. Lawrence Market is one of Toronto’s largest and oldest food markets and is a great place to buy unique food, pick-up a lunch during the weekdays, or taste all the flavors of the vendors on the weekend.

A view of the CN Tower from the western side of the downtown core with some of the numerous condos in the forefront. To the far right you can also see the Royal York Hotel.

The entire view of the city from, once again, Polson Pier.


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  1. Good tone to these images. And a nice little tour of Toronto for someone who’s not yet been!

  2. I like the architecture & history of the Flatiron building.

  3. This is a nice cityscape – I’ve always heard great things about Toronto but it’s one of the few major cities I’ve not been to. After seeing these pictures it looks like it’s got a lot to offer!

  4. gorgeous architecture, and you’ve captured it masterfully. Well done.

  5. I love the architecture, those pictures are great. 🙂

  6. great photos! Love the black and white, i think it really brings out the detail of the architecture!!

  7. great photos! They’re making me miss Toronto – I’ve had many great trips there, but haven’t been in awhile. Thanks for sharing!

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